About me


My name is Sam Adams and I live in a beautiful part of rural England.

I’m 32 years old I have a brother, a sister, and a girlfriend of 5 years. Plus 2 Labradors.

Internet and computers always fascinated me, ever since the times of dial up connection. Those great days made the college me a total geek face around the campus and I will never forget the all-nighters we pulled to play network games.

Naturally, I took various classes and I was constantly striving to learn more but the professors seems always behind (how could have they compete with my savviness?) so I felt obliged to be on my own, finding all the information I needed. Nights and nights I’ve spent looking for solutions, solving bugs, posting on forums, learning by trial and error.

Today, after years of training on my own, helping my friends and acquaintances to find their own way into the World Wide Web, I’m developing a platform meant to help any beginner succeed.  All those late nights are paying through the moment someone finds a useful piece of information on my site, my youtube channel or on the forums I post.

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