Building Lists The Right Way

Are you sick and tired of hearing people say “the money is in the list” but not giving you any idea how to properly build one?
The truth is, building profitable, targeted lists is the key to living the internet lifestyle you dream about, but 99% of the people reading this have no idea how to do it properly!
I too was spending countless hours and money trying to build my list but nothing was coming back to me, no big payoff, no anything.
I was starting to believe that this List Building was a load of BS but that is the moment I had a major turnaround.
I suddenly realized that the reason I wasn’t having success had a lot to do with the way I was trying to build the list…of cold traffic. But Facebook pages were the perfect way to build trust with people so that when you pointed them to a squeeze page they were ready to optin and interact with your emails. The page has also helped separate the serious fans of a niche from the casual enthusiasts. What better way to have it?

Over the next period of time you, as I, will get this refined method and you will master it!
1. A simply way to see if a niche was worth going after before you do any work. You will no longer waste any time going after niches that are hard to grow a list in and monetize.
2. How to get fast traffic and then turn that initial into free viral traffic for your squeeze pages.
3. Presell the audience so any squeeze page will convert madly!
This really rocks because you never have to worry about someone getting on the list and not taking action on what there is in front of them. The list will now be made up of people passionate about the topic.
4. Get people to open up the emails and actually look forward to getting them. Save a ton of time because the emails are now 100x times simpler than they used to be and people will love them more!
5. Irresistible offers in front of the readers so they will want to click the links.

If it sounds like I’ve put a ton of Research into “cracking the list building code” you’re 100% correct…

I’m here to tell you that this is real and I want to make sure that I help as many people as I can to start their first PROFITABLE email list and get their internet marketing career off the ground!

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