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It’s time to share with you some Facebook Marketing tips that will help you make more sales by building a relationship with people first,  and then positioning yourself as an authority so they want to buy what you’re offering.


Most people spend their time trying to pitch their offer over and over and they keep getting turned down. When it comes down to it they’re not adding enough value to people’s lives first so people don’t see value in what they have to offer. So these Facebook marketing tips will help you start getting results.

The first thing you want to do is create a sales funnel that puts people in front of all your social media profiles. When people come on to your email list, make sure that you create a thank you page that gets people to add you on Facebook, fan page and add you on YouTube. Facebook marketing is very powerful if you use it to build relationships and not just try to pitch someone all the time.

Use a Facebook marketing strategy that helps you build rapport, position yourself as the person to follow and people later come to you wanting to sign up in your business.

Here are some very useful Facebook marketing tips that I came around:

#1- Focus on creating lots of valuable content. You should be posting at least 3-5 good posts that inspire, help and teach people something in your niche. By providing constant value they will look to you as a person to follow and work with.

#2- Have at least 20 conversations a day. Network marketing is about relationships and talking to people. The more conversations you have the more money you will make.

It’s just to build the friendship, offer helpful tips and get the person to add me as a friend. Once the person is on your friends list this is like a second email list. By putting in the effort early and creating rapport they will be watching you. From there you follow up with valuable posts and content to help them and this way things get very powerful. This allows you to sign up more people and your business will expand in a natural way.

 #3 With everything you do in your marketing especially Facebook marketing you should be focusing on adding value to people’s lives. Most people are just looking to make a buck and people can see right through this. When you genuinely help people and make an effort to help others the money will follow.

 #4 If you don’t know how to create valuable content there is an easy way to do it. First I would suggest you subscribe to blogs, find YouTube channels of your interest and sign up to popular forums so you can do market research. I like to see what other people are creating for content and this gives me ideas of what to create myself.


If I don’t know the answer I will go research it myself, learn how to do it and then teach people how to do it. Using this Facebook tips will allow you to brand yourself as the authority.

I’m very dedicated to your success… 

…and I’ve probably never offered something SO POWERFUL for your Facebook marketing business strategy…

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