How to create a squeeze page that converts


When you’re trying to get email subscribers for your list one of the best ways of doing this is by directing people to a squeeze page to get them on your list. What’s a squeeze page? It’s a web page that is designed with the sole purpose of getting someone to enter their email. That’s it. So how can you construct a squeeze page that will convert the most visitor’s to subscribers? Stay tuned to find out.

 The Basics

I want to you imagine a web page. On it there’s no links. There’s no way to scroll down. There’s nowhere to go other than either putting in your email in a submit box or clicking the “X” button and going back. That’s it. Why don’t you have any links on it? It’s because you only have one goal for this traffic and that’s to get them on your email list.


 Pretty vs Plain

You might have seen a lot of squeeze pages lately with fancy images on them, crazy text, or even video. In my experience, the pages that convert the best sometimes are the ones that have a plain white background and just text on them. Why? It’s because you don’t want to confused people with lots of action on your squeeze page. It works best for some particular niches as you want them to simply read the text and then opt in. If there a video playing in the background then they might pay more attention to that than the text and then press the “back” button.

 Services to Use

There are lots of tools you can use to create squeeze pages. If you want one that has a lot of great features then check out Lead Pages by LeadBrite. It has amazing features like split testing and optin statistics. It’s okay if you don’t understand the importance of that yet, but once you start sending traffic to these pages you’ll see that it’s mandatory to understand how the page is converting so you can determine the quality of the traffic.

What’s a Good Conversion Rate?

Some people will tell you that a good conversion rate for a squeeze page is 20%.  That’s dead wrong. Your goal should be to have your squeeze page converting between 40-60%. If it’s not then you need to change it. And you need to change it NOW.


Split Testing

One of the most important things you should be doing with your squeeze page is split testing it. Do you really think that your first idea is your best idea? Are you that confident? If you are then you’re in for a big letdown because most of the time my least expected squeeze page ideas end up being my best. What kind of changes can you make? Just a simple color change on the submit button can mean a different in a page converting 40% and 42%. Doesn’t sound like such a big difference? Sure, it’s not if you’re driving 100 visitors to your squeeze page. But when you start getting thousands of visitors that 2% can really add up. It can mean the difference between a profitable campaign and a failure.

But don’t take my word for it. As good as you get at making squeeze pages the only true way of knowing is by testing them. And test them often!


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3 thoughts on “How to create a squeeze page that converts

  1. Debbie

    So in ‘your opinion’ plain white background with just text converts better.

    Then in the next paragraph you have a link to LeadPages which does the complete opposite.


    1. Make Money Online Post author

      Hello Debbie, thank you for your inside thought!
      I strongly believe that you can’t have an absolute rule for everything, and what I’m saying it can be done both ways, by informing exactly how.


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