How to make money on YouTube


I find that people want to make things more complicated than they are. Making money on YouTube is probably one of the easiest ways to make money on the Internet. Why? It’s because currently it’s so easy to rank a YouTube video in Google. About three years ago most people were ranking niche sites in Google with very little effort. Now, the same is happening with YouTube videos. All you need to do is find a search term that doesn’t have very much competition and you can rank it easily just by doing the on-page optimization right for the YouTube video. Of course, if you try to rank a term like “make money online” you’re going to be quite disappointed. However, if you tried to rank for the term “make money online selling toy cars” then that would be very easy to rank for.

So, what’s the first step?

The first thing you need to do is setup your Youtube account. Once you get it up and running, then upload the video that you’re trying to rank for your specific search term. You want to make sure that the file name of the Youtube video is the same as the term you’re ranking for. So, for our example it would be “makemoneyonlinesellingtoycars.mpeg” or something similar to that.

Once the file is uploaded on Youtube you should name the title of the account as the same keywords that you’re trying to ranking for. You should copy and paste that into the description box, and also paste it into the tags box. Click “save” and then wait a day.

A Day Later

Once a day is passed you can do a Google search and see if your video is ranking. Make sure that you are not logged into your Google account or the results may be skewed. I usually click on the “private browsing” tab and do the Google search from there. If your video is ranking then your job is done. If it isn’t, then you can move on to the next step.

Building Links to Videos

If you’ve ever done link building to websites before you know that if you build links too quickly you can negatively affect your videos rankings. However, since the video is hosted on Youtube, they are already used to millions of links being built to it each day so you don’t need to worry about negative SEO resulting from your link building.


Buy Views

You can also go to websites where you can buy views for your videos. These sites sell real human views of your video very inexpensively. The reason for buying these is that when there are more views on your videos it looks to Google like your video is actually popular. Based on that popularity they will give you better rankings in Google, and thus you will start to get real views.

Your Video Ranked

If you’ve done this, and your search term isn’t too competitive, then you should enjoy top Google rankings and their benefits that come along with it. It’s a bigger and bigger world out there.

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